Real Wood Toilet Seats
Handmade in West Sussex by Goodwood Bathrooms


Goodwood Bathrooms are an established UK firm based in West Sussex and we make all our soild wood toilet seats to order.


We have hundreds of toilet seat patterns and can often match yours from an existing pattern, in the unlikely event we don't have yours we will make it for you at no additional cost. If you want a specific colour just tell us and we will make a toilet seat just for you in any finish you choose and you can even select your own fittings from our range as well.


A broken toilet seat can be more than an inconvienience and finding a replacement isn't always straight forward. If you have a lovely old, out-of-date but perfectly servicable toilet pan you are not going to want to replace it just because the loo seat broke, you want a new, proper fitting, same design and original, replacement seat, we understand that which is why we hand make toilet seats in hunderds of patterns and more than 20 woods with a choice of fixings, so you can get exactly the toilet seat you want.


If you have a name or part of a name & you don't know if it's the name of the Toilet
or the name of the Manufacturer you can search our database here



How to buy:
Select a seat by clicking on a manufacturer or by name, then choose the wood or colour & then the fittings.


We offer wide range of real wood as well as a 'match your colour' option for any of the hundreads of toilet seat patterns we have.

We can also produce toilet seats to your own design, matched to a template.


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Delivery: We aim to manufacturer and deliver orders within 14 working days.
Delivery is by national carrier to your door which is included within the price.


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